John Gosling: Freelance Writer

John Gosling and his daughter HollyI have been writing professionally now for well over a decade, and have amassed a considerable portfolio of work to my name. My personal interest in science fiction has focused much of my output to date in this arena, but I am equally at home writing about other subjects, and indeed I have written about many other things, including reviews of web sites for the over 50's and the Cold War.

Predominantly, my writing has been conducted on a freelance/part time basis, but I have also spent a year working for an on-line price comparison service, developing new content for the site and writing editorial content.

Most recently my first book, Waging the War of the Worlds was published, and I continue to write regularly for my dedicated War of the Worlds website.

I am always available for assignments and would be glad to hear from editors.

Notable Work.

My book Waging the War of the Worlds

When Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre on the Air unleashed their 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds on an unsuspecting American public, little could they have suspected that in the succeeding years, others would rashly attempt to emulate their success. Now for the first time ever in a single book, 10 distinct radio versions of The War of the Worlds are discussed and evaluated, including several that have until now been all but lost to posterity.See here for specific details.

For SFX Magazine.

SFX is the best selling science fiction magazine in the UK. I have written many book reviews for this magazine, as well as quite a few major articles.

The Spice Of Life: The unseen movies of Dune. See here for specific details.

The Martian Chronicles: Interview with Ray Bradbury. See here for specific details.

War Of The Worlds: The 1938 radio broadcast. See here fore specific details.

Land Of The Lost: The story behind this remarkable children's SF series. See here for specific details.

The X Files: A four page article examining the way in which the X-Files came to represent a deep seated paranoia and concern for the state of the world and the future, especially regarding the end of the 2oth century. Includes background on the many television advertisements that have drawn inspiration from the subject of UFO's, the paranormal and the X-Files.

For Net Magazine.

Unfortunately, Net Magazine suspended publication last year, but I was able to produce a dozen articles for the magazine.

Cold War sites, Days out, Urban myths, Car insurance, Homework, Sites for over 50's, Weird deaths, UFO's, Ghosts, Strange disappearances, Weird science, Ancient mysteries.


My time at ( provided me a considerable amount of experience in writing for the web. I produced editorial content, such as promotional tie-ins with seasonal product launches, and developed and oversaw major new additions to the site. For instance, I was instrumental in the addition of new functionality for the media search services (books, music and movies) and created entirely new features to help with customer retention.

Other Work.

For some time I ran my own on-line magazine about Japanese animation and wrote hundreds of reviews specific to the genre. These were for my local newspaper, and a national magazine. I also made the front cover of Spaceflight magazine with an article about the factual space concepts to be found in anime. In addition, I have written many articles about television history for small press magazines, and web reviews for a variety of publications, including the inflight magazine for Sabena Airlines.



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