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Welcome to the on-line repository of some of my more interesting work. If you are an editor, then perhaps this site will encourage you to commission some work from me. If it happens that you are looking for specific information relating to one of my articles, then hopefully you will find much here to interest you. Either way, thankyou for visiting.


War Of The WorldsWar Of The Worlds

I've always loved Old Time Radio. Last century (and doesn't it feel odd to write those words), they really knew how to draw in an audience and capture the imagination. Today, computer graphics can create incredible visual effects, but back in the golden age of radio (1930's to 1950's), the spoken word and clever use of sound could just as easily transplant the listener to a New York street or even another world. That the results have so often stood the test of time is a credit to the ingenious staff of shows like The Mercury Theatre, the brainchild of a rather well known chap by the name of Orson Welles. His War Of The Worlds broadcast is perhaps the most effective and brilliantly conceived example of its kind, a chilling drama that actually convinced a sizable number of people that the end of the world was nigh. To learn more about this incredible event, visit my War ofthe Worlds web site or read my book Waging the War of the Worlds.

Thufir HawatDune

If the illustration to the left looks unfamiliar, it's because it belongs to a Dune you will never see, a huge, warped vision of Frank Herbert's novel that consumed several million dollars and the sweat and blood of some seriously famous people.

For starters, you have the artist who produced this superb rendition of Thufir Hawat, the brilliant French comic book illustrator Jean "Mobius" Giraud. Add Dan O’Bannon (Alien) on effects and music by Pink Floyd, and you have the making of a truly extraordinary movie. Learn more about this and other attempts to film Dune.

Martian ChroniclesMartian Chronicles

While the hostile Martian intelligence postulated by H.G. Wells makes for compelling reading, the poetic work of Ray Bradbury serves to remind us that we have a deep seated desire to make peaceful contact with alien life-forms. His Martian Chronicles is full of flawed characters, tragic misunderstandings and misplaced acts of passion, yet by the end of the novel, both sides have made contact on so many levels, that you are left with a profound feeling of hope for the future. Not unsurprisingly, the novel has been optioned numerous times by movie studios, and of course realised on television several times. Read more about the Martian Chronicles.

Land Of The LostLand Of The Lost

Land Of The Lost was that oddity, a Saturday Morning live action show that broke every rule of the game. This was no doubt the influence of story editor David Gerrold, a writer of some considerable talent (remember his Star Trek episode The Trouble With Tribbles?), who roped in a galaxy of writing stars from the world of serious science fiction literature. Thus we have a show boasting scripts by the likes of Larry Niven, Theodore Sturgeon and Norman Spinrad. Combined with effects that for the time really pushed the envelope, and you have something that deserves to be better known. Read my interviews with Larry Niven, Marty Krofft and Victoria Fromkin, see here.

Net Magazine UFO reviewsInternet Reviews As an enthusiastic Internet user and researcher, it was rather natural that I would start writing for an Internet Magazine. Over the course of several years, I found and reviewed numerous sites for Net Magazine, in fact everything from UFO's to car insurance sites. To read some of my Net Magazine reviews, and link to the sites, see here more about my Internet reviews.

Alas, Net Magazine is no more, but if anyone out there has need of a good web reviewer, please let me know.

Spaceflight MagazineOther Work

As a freelance writer for over 10 years, I have amassed a considerable portfolio of work to my name. Japanese Animation has always been a passion of mine, and I am now enjoying introducing my daughter to some of the beautiful and thought provoking stories that seldom see the light of day in the west - let's face it, the genre has been blighted in the west by an over-emphasis on the more extreme work that comes from the land of the rising sun. For a time I ran my own anime web site, wrote hundreds of reviews for my local paper and quite a few major magazine articles. For my full CV click here.

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