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Orson Welles broadcast

Grover's Mill and other locations

Other broadcasts

H.G. Wells

Orson Welles


Film & TV


Orson Welles broadcast

Skeptical Inquirer magazine article. Very good indepth article.

National Geographic page on the broadcast. Fairly basic page on the events surrounding the broadcast.

Discovery Channel lesson. Lesson plan for The War of the Worlds with special emphasis on the broadcast.

Questia Full text of Archibald MacLeish poem air-raid, which may have influenced Welles.

Short article about Welles and the broadcast from Transparency.com, a site that delves into all manner of popular culture.

Radio's War of the Worlds broadcast Very useful round up of the broadcast.

Rense.com. Brief article with some nice original illustrations. Take care, site contains some controversal views on other subjects.

Museum Of Hoaxes. Nice quirky site with decent short roundup of events, though adds nothing new.

Capital Century. Excellent site of New Jersey Stories, including the 1938 broadcast.

The Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show Radio show that caused many listeners to tune in late to the Welles broadcast.

Journal Of Social Issues Very long and detailed article about the influences of radio. Makes references to Canrtil report on War of the Worlds broadcast.


Grover's Mill and other locations

Official Grover's Mill homepage. Yes, their is an official page for Grovers Mill.

My Trip To Grover's Mill. Well, not actually me, but this guy has been there, and here presents a nicely illustrated look at the hamlet.

KC2UFO Homepage. A very odd page, with a few photographs taken around Grover's Mill.

Princeton University Observatory. Nice page on the Princeton University Observatory. Was a local road named after a character in the broadcast?

Roadside America. A great site listing weird places to visit in the USA. Grover's Mill is included with some very nice colour photographs.

Official Mercer County homepage. Location of Grover's Mill.

Find Grover's Mill. Google Maps allows for an excellent view of Grover's Mill.

Grover's Mill Coffee Company. Buy your Coffee from Grover's Mill. Has photographs of a visit to Grover's Mill by War of the Worlds star Anne Robinson.


Other broadcasts

Father Ronald Knox (1926). BBC page on the Ronald Knox panic broadcast of 1926, including audio reproduction and documentary.

Bio of Ronald Knox. Very subtancial bio.

Ronald Knox Society of America. Substancial site dedicated to Knox.

The day the Martians landed. Detailed article on the 1949 Quito panic.

Buffalo broadcast (1968). Excellent page on the Buffalo panic of 1968, includes many audio clips.

Great Northern Radio. Very detailed page rounding up the many audio versions of The War of the Worlds.


H.G. Wells

War of the Worlds Study Guide. Very handy chapter by chapter guide to the novel The War of the Worlds.

The H.G. Wells society. Well presented site dedicated to the great man. Lots of good links.

War of the Worlds. Complete text.

Biography of Wells at the Pegasos site.

War of the Worlds book covers. Huge collection of covers from numerous editions of the novel.


Orson Welles

The Estate Of Orson Welles. Appears to be the official site.

The Shadow. Before the War of the Worlds, Welles starred as the crime fighter the Shadow.

Lilly Library. You'll have to visit this library phsyically if you want to see anything, but a complete account of this massive archive of Welles documents can be found here.

Mercury Theater On The Air. Very complete site including downloads.

The Shadow. Before the War of the Worlds, Welles starred as the crime fighter the Shadow.

Orson Welles.co.uk Not just Welles but a varied site on movies. Some great photos of Welles and articles.

Orson Welles. Entry at the Internet Movie Database.

Wellesnet. Detailed material on Welles, much of which I have not seen assembled elsewhere. Highly recommended.



Main Space Science Systems. Mind boggling number of images (170,000 plus) of Mars.

NASA's Mars Exploration page. Great information and images from NASA on all their present missions, including the two most recent rovers.

ESA Mars Express Fantastic site for images. Check out the 3D images of the planet shot from the Mar Express spacecraft (you'll need to go find some 3D glasses).

Mars Today. Great general news and information site on Mars

Solarviews Meaty info on Mars (and other planets.)

Mars News. Another good general news site


Film & TV

The Legacy Of George Pal. General site on the film maker.

Edward R Murrow. Crusading reporter who hosted The Night America Trembled.

Gene Barry Official Fan Page. Excellent site about the actor, with a great selection of War of the Worlds lobby cards.

Pendragon Films. Movie company behind 2005 version set in Victorian times. A new mock documentary is now out, details here.

Lief Ericson model. Site detailing Lief Ericson model kit which was designed by Matt Jefferies and would have been used in proposed George Pal TV series.



Mars In The Mind Of Earth Wide ranging site on Mars in the media.

The SF Site. Huge resource of reviews and comment on all things SF and Fantasy.

Old time radio show catalog Great website offering thousands of Old Time Radio shows for sale.

The SF Crowsnest. Excellent general SF resource.

Mars And SF. Incredibly detailed French site covering all aspects of Mars in fiction. Lots to be found here even if you can't read French, especially material you will not find mentioned on English language sites.


See Also

The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles

The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles. The infamous radio broadcast that panicked America on Halloween night.

War of the Worlds, Santiago, Chile

The War of the Worlds. Santiago in Chile suffers a major panic when the Welles broadcast is remade to terrifying effect

War of the Worlds, Quito, Ecuador

The War of the Worlds. A third radio inspired panic was triggered in Quito, Ecuador, but this one was deadly.

1950 / 1967
War of the Worlds Lux, The Lux Radio Theater

The War of the Worlds. The first BBC adaptation of The War of the Worlds in 1950 was followed by another in 1967.

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