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Waging the War of the Worlds by John Gosling (2009)

Waging the War of the Worlds by John Gosling

I am delighted to announce the publication of my book, Waging The War of the Worlds from McFarland.

When Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre on the Air unleashed their 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds on an unsuspecting American public, little could they have suspected that in the succeeding years, others would rashly attempt to emulate their success. Now for the first time ever in a single book, 10 distinct radio versions of The War of the Worlds are discussed and evaluated, including several that have until now been all but lost to posterity.

Beginning with the most in-depth analysis of the 1938 broadcast ever attempted, the book takes the reader on an extraordinary journey across three continents and 70 years of history. Discover how the Martian invaders set their sights not only on America, but on countries in Latin America and Europe, succeeding time after time in terrifying tens of thousands of people.

From Brazil and Ecuador, to Portugal and back to America, the Martians have launched what can only be described as a sustained blitzkrieg on the public imagination. In the pages of this book, you will meet the people who created these extraordinary broadcasts and learn how local politics, religion and popular culture conspired to create the conditions for a series of explosive mass delusions. Learn for the first time the full story behind the infamous 1949 broadcast in Quito, Ecuador, which would result in the loss of at least six lives, and meet a Portuguese radio producer who so enraged the authorities that he almost ended his days at the hands of the secret police.

Containing the complete script of the 1938 broadcast by Howard Koch, Waging The War of the Worlds is available now from online retailers and direct from the publisher McFarland.


"is brisk and straightforward...the author possesses a refreshing degree of knowledge about the UFO phenomenon" International UFO Reporter

"definitive...deserves your attention and a place on your bookshelf" Sfcrowsnest.com

"while the American public is not likely to ever be fooled again by a broadcast, one sure way to cause a radio panic in 2009 would be to deprive the serious scholar or armchair enthusiast of their own copy of [this book]" I Still Love Radio


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